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Cartoon Dogs

I love cartoon dogs!  Here are some of the more popular ones in alphabetical order. My favorites are definitely Scooby Doo and Pluto.  With his joy for life, Pluto was so happy, and loyally loved his Mickey Mouse.  Scooby Doo was part of our school's "animated urban legend" when I was a teen.  The Mystery Van legend had Shaggy in the back as the local marijuana dealer, while Scooby was his protective “muscle.”  That dog's cowardly streak, of course, made protection impossible, which made it so funny.  They also sampled "the weed edibiles," and that’s why the two always had the "munchies" for food and Scooby snacks!  And also why they avoided any mysteries because they knew the police would show up  We had a teacher near tears when we said her favorite cartoon was about a drug dealer and his dog, but it’s what we all joked about in high school. It just seemed so very obvious  --even today!!!

For me, Scooby Doo rocks as my favorite cartoon dog.  Second was Dino the dinosaur, who loved his cranky master so much that he knocked Fred Flintstone to the floor every time, accompanied with slurpy kisses and wild barking.  And third: Bandit from "Jonny Quest," a little dog just the opposite of ScoobyDoo.  Bandit went full on warrior when it came to villains.

My middle brother could do perfect dog barks, and I used to beg him to do Bandit for me all the time.  He would do it a few times, then smile and shake his head until the next day.  He always left the audiences wishing for more!  He died of cancer, leaving a wife and four children behind.  A dog lover as well, see his picture and link to the American Cancer Society on the bottom of page 10.



Astro (The Jetsons)

Augie Doggie


Bandit (Jonny Quest)


Brian Griffin

Charlie Barkin

Charlie Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Copper (Disney)

Dino (The Flintstones)

Deputy Dawg



Honk Kong Phooey

Huckleberry Hound

Lady & the Tramp

Mr. Peabody

Odie Droopy




Santa’s Little Helper

Scooby Doo


The PAW Patrol



It's hard to get dog autographs but I managed to get two of them!  See below!

Note our dog's story in the bottom right of cartoon strip. The white out is the wrong breed. Tivvy was a terrier, NOT a border collie.

"MARMADUKE" is written by Brad Anderson.

This is one of my autographed books from one of my favorite cartoonists!!

As far as I'm concerned, any book with dogs is a good book!  My very first stuffed animal dog was named SNOOPY from the Charlie Brown comics.  This book came much later, and one of my young children dropped it into a filled bathtub.  I fished it and put it out in the sun.  Hence the wrinkly parchment paper look!

At Left - One of Those Writer's Block Days - Note Dog Fleeing the Scene!

As a dachshund ower, I find these cartoons hiliarious, but it's funny to ALL dog lovers!

Kevin Fagan lives in Canada.  He will personalize any book you purchase, and with shipping fees, mail it awaywhere you want!  Great birthday or just anyday gifts.  See his website or FACEBOOK for details.  See my personalized flyleaf below.

Dogs and us -- lucky enough exchange friendship and companionship with each other.

Kevin Fagan also has a second book, "ALL WALLY 2" [the dachshund].  Laugh my head off every time I read them!

I know it's true!

See his website or FACEBOOK for details!