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A woman on my street rescued "Shorty" from Tijuana, Mexico.  She couldn't keep this dachshund mix due to her lease.  I already had 2 dogs, but I still remember her begging, "Please, strays south of the border don't have a chance."

I promised I'd temporarily board him, & take this wary, fierce fighter to the vet.  That's as far as Oscar traveled. Eight years later as we slept, someone tried to break into my daughter's 2nd story room via the stairless upstairs balcony door.  Oscar alerted us.  I mumbled, "shut up," a few times and tried to get back to sleep.

Oscar barked even louder, alerting our German shepherd and terrier. The intruder escaped via a tree, obviously his way up toward the balcony connecting door.  The branch broke, and he fell, heavily bleeding onto both it the concrete below.  He took the large, bloody broken branch with him, probably to avoid DNA identification.  I'm sure he had a police record. Neither he nor the branch were ever found.

After 17 years of family life, Oscar finally left us.  Afraid of nothing and no one, my scrappy little Mexican street dog always stood his ground, and holds the distinction of having the bravest heart in the smallest body of any dog we've ever known.  Miss you, Oscie!



All animals need love, especially the "leftovers," those who aren't cute, cuddly, healthy, young.  The animals who, through no fault of their own, are doomed as disposable in today's harsh world like my present dog.  "Smokey" was dumped after his previous owners divorced. (His picture is on the right, and also on the Calendar Dogs page.)

We need to teacher our children to respect all life, from the tiniest hummingbird to the largest humpbacked whale.   We need to teach them when they're young.

Above is Oscar Mayer Weiner Dog, friendly with tail wags for close family, yet because of his rough past, growling & snapping at anyone else.  Fortunately for him, he loved the pampered benefits of being a house dog.  Save for us, his whole world was waging war against most of humanity.  How horrible.

And yet, somehow, no animals drowned in the aftermath of that terrible killer tsunami in Thailand.  Elephants, dogs, birds, wildlife--even zoo animals were all found on high ground, safe, protected, cherished by Heavenly Love.  None perished.  Are they really the disposables...or are we?





Dogs have always loved me.  Before I sold my first book, I was a mailman (letter carrier).  As "low man" on the union totem pole, I didn't have a regular route, but subbed different routes when others were off.  I had to go into strange big dogs’ front fenced yards to deliver the mail and usually they never bothered me, even the houses that were red flagged “DANGEROUS DOG” back at the post office.  I only had one dog SERIOUSLY go after me.  It was a huge St Bernard.  He charged from out of nowhere, and I ran like the wind and climbed up onto the roof of the owner’s car, an old little VW beetle parked on the street. I balanced there, trapped and terrified while this dog tried to kill me.  I yelled out ignored dog commands, then just plain yelled!


It was winter with high snow banks all over, and the owner finally heard me.  He ran to the front door buck naked and dripping from the shower, with just a little washrag held over his privates. He was screaming from the wide open doorway at his pet and I was screaming at him to call off his dog. He was afraid to go back inside and dress, then come out and grab the collar, as the dog was trying to climb onto the hood to get at me.  That dog was so big and the car was so small!  Never saw where he came from.  No warning.  Didn't know why he was out loose. Just saw this barking mountain of dog teeth barreling toward me and I headed for the heights!  I was precariously balancing on a snow-covered, tiny convex roof with a 30 pound mail bag on my shoulder and praying.


The weather saved me from that savaging.  If the car wasn't covered with 3 inches of snow, the dog wouldn't have keep slipping every time he tried to jump on the hood.  He certainly was tall enough to do the jump.  Heck, he could have normally walked onto it, he was so massive.  And that old VW beetle roof was buckling under my feet.  Yet it didn't dent and collapse--not that I cared at this point--to throw me off balance.  After ten minutes of terror, the dog finally obeyed the owner and came in the house. I then told my supervisor I was "booting" the whole street for the week I had the vacationing regular mailman's route.  And to notify everyone who lived there and why.  No one got their mail.  Not him, not anyone on both sides of the whole block.  Along with issued pepper spray, which I never used, it was the main defense we had for our safety and the union always backed us up.  So everyone on the street had to collect their mail at the post office in person the whole time I was assigned there. I'm sure the irate neighbors had a word with this guy about locking up his dog!  The next week the regular mailman came back for regular home mail delivery again.  I hope he was friends with that St. Bernard, because that beast wanted me for dinner!  Just like Cujo or the Hound of the Baskervilles!


You couldn't make something like this up!  To this day I smile whenever I think of that skinny, naked, dripping wet man in the doorway, holding this tiny washrag, trying to call off his "vicious" dog who was "simply protecting his territory."  Yes, I understand.  I've had big dogs all my life.  But if a dog won't obey, then there's a problem with the owner, too.   My experience was frightening at the time.  It wasn’t good for me, the neighborhood, or the dog.  If I had called animal control, which I was entitled to do but didn’t—that man could have lost his dog forever.  However, he cared enough about my safety to help in his "birthday suit" in the dead of winter, so as a dog lover myself, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe the dog escaped from an accidentally unlatched gate or door?  It happens.  I don't know.  But I do know he paid for his dog's crimes with irate neighbors.  They were all informed they weren't getting house delivery due to his dog.  It was punishment enough.  I hope the poor owner didn't get frostbite on any of his--umm--extremities.  And FYI, the regular route mailman can "boot" an individual's dangerous dog for whatever amount of time they deem safe--even permanently.  The moral to this story?


Pet owners, if your dog does NOT OBEY A RECALL COMMAND,

keep your pet fenced, housed, or if in public, leashed.

It’s for the dog's safety and ours as well!



  • Loyal protectors, my German Shepherds could go wild-warrior with the best of them, especially when guarding the family, home, and cars!  Yet they were well-trained, and INSTANTLY OBEYED the "It's okay. Go lay down," command.
  • I was only "bitten" twice during my letter carrier years.   Both were from little dogs, and both put teeth holes in the bottom of my uniform pants.  Since I never owned any little dogs back then, I was only wary of big dogs.
  • I sure learned my lesson with those two!  And no, I did not "boot" their streets, because the dogs were companions for senior citizen women who carried their tiny guard dogs away, near tears.  God bless 'em all.


LOVEABLE WILD DOG #3 "BOOTS" - Above Left / My Granddaughter & "Boot's Mom" at the Pier - Below


Saving Homeless Dogs One at a Time / www.upwarddogrescue.org

Furever Dachshund Rescue






December 25th, 2016

By My Granddaughter

Christmas morning, the smell of cinnamon and frosting wafting the house, Frank Sinatra in the background and my brothers and I fighting about who gets to open the majority of the family presents. After we all open our presents, we each always get one big present.  Me, sitting there patiently looking around for mine, finally was told to close my eyes and put out my arms, but not too far. I then did, something moved in my arms, very soft but wrinkled.  It felt kind of fat and made a little noise. I opened my eyes to realize a blue-nosed pit bull puppy was sitting in my lap. I instantly named him Duke. I cannot express how happy I was at that moment. I cried tears of joy and didn’t want him to leave my side. All Christmas morning he never did.

For the rest of the day we just laid in bed, watched movies, and ate food. Duke was supposed to sleep in a kennel that night but that didn’t happen. He ended up sleeping on my chest!  This had happened for a few months. We already had a boxer puppy whose name was Roxy.  She was much bigger and didn’t know how to play with such a small dog.  I ended up buying him a little police K-9 shirt; Duke acted so big and tough that it just fit his personality perfectly!

Another month had passed.  He started to sit on my face all the time and crush me; hence where he got the nickname Boots, Booty Butt, and Fat Boy. We had an acre of land or “poof dirt” as you would call it, for our backyard, so Boots and I would always go outside and play either fetch or tug of war. He’s a bit bigger now, full sized and 85 pounds.  We decided to go play outside since it was nice and sunny.

I had a tug-of-war rope hanging out of my back pocket of my jeans. I threw the ball and he didn’t go get it so I started to run. I forgot I had the rope hanging from my dark black jeans.  Boots started to chase me fast; so fast that I had to speed up too. I stopped mid in my track and he tackled me to the ground. The sun blinded me and the poof dirt was everywhere, I couldn’t see anything, so I was very lost on what had just happened. Finally able to see, I looked up to see him on top of me, holding the rope waiting for me to grab it and pull.  Slobber and dirt were all over me.

My mom had just sat and watched the whole entire thing happen and laughed, “Haley, you’re so silly.  Why would you do that?”

Duke and I have so many great memories.  Man, it was all so perfect.  He's been here for me since I was 13, and I’m now 17.  He’s my little shadow, my little lover, my little big boy, my little best friend. This dog is everything I ever wanted in life and more. With his big brown eyes to his loud bark, I love it all.  I love you, Duke!  Hugs.


ASPCA Facts for Financial help.

I need financial help with my vet bills.

The first step is to ask your animal hospital or private vet whether they offer a payment plan. Your local humane organization or animal advocacy group also may have information about other groups or organizations in your area that assist pet owners with veterinary bills.

In addition, if you live in a state that has a large college or university with degree programs in Veterinary Medicine, you may wish to contact the school and department for information about low-cost services they might offer through their programs.

The following organizations may be a good resource for other affordable options for veterinary care. The information given below is provided as a courtesy and does not imply the endorsement, recommendation and/or approval of any company or organization.

Groups that are breed- or injury-specific:

In New York City only:



Sudden illness or accident to your dog?  Short of money?  Afraid you'll have to put your beloved pet down because you don't have the finances to pay for surgery or in-term care, and you don't want them to suffer?  THERE IS HELP!  The ASPCA has a resource site where you can get assistance, even free vet care!  You want to be familiar with this BEFORE a catastrophe happens.   Protect your pet!  Having a loving caring dog shouldn't only be for the well-to-do.  

A GIRL & HER DOG TIMES TWO (My granddaughters) ABOVE & LEFT